15. June 2021: Project Update Meeting

On June 15th, the BORIS project team met for a virtual project update meeting to discuss the progress of all work packages after a brief introduction by the project coordinator.

WP2: Analysis of the context and needs assessment
Good progress has been made on the structure and content of deliverable D2.1. Partners are invited to add their contributions until the end of June so that the report will be finished on time.

WP3: Platform for cross-border risk assessment
Ideas for the system design for the idea platform presented. A schematic overview of the revised architecture can be found on the WP3 page.

WP4: Shared methodology for multi-risk assessment
The scope of the work package is discussed with the conclusion to limit the risks to the immediate risks as described in the project without hazard interactions, compound events, cascading effect etc. It is agreed to host a follow-up meeting to closely entwine the finding from WP2 with the tasks of WP4. This meeting will take place in the first half of July.

WP5: Pilot application in cross-border sites
Work on this work package will start in December 2021 as per plan. What is yet open is to decide which location will be the pilot site, as the region must not be too small. Further discussion and investigation on a suited pilot site are needed before a decision can be taken.

WP6: Dissemination and exploitation of project results
Website launched. Partners are asked for feedback on website as well as draft leaflet. Project progress and results will be published on website and, subsequently, on the BORIS LinkedIn page.

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