WP3: Platform for Cross-border Risk Assessment

In this WP will be designed and developed the IT tool of the project: a common web-based open source platform to support collection, comparison and sharing of risk data in the beneficiary countries. The design of platform architecture will start from the need assessment identification performed in WP2 as well as from the user requirements collected in the first phase of this WP.

The main partners will then design the platform starting from a use case analysis of the platform functionalities meeting end users needs. The last phase is related to the development and implementation of the platform. All the beneficiaries will then validate the platform and populate it with their data following common standard procedures defined in this WP.


The main objectives of this WP are:

  • Design of a web-based open source platform to support seismic risk and flood risk assessment and multi-risk comparison and ranking
  • Development of the platform according to most common open source standards and technologies
  • Validation of the platform and population of its database (BORIS Case Studies)

Learn more about the platform here >