Work packages

The project is organized in 6 Workpackages.

The Project Management is (WP1). Analysis of context and needs assessment (WP2) specifically tackles the obstacles and needs in cross-border regions, and the end-user requirements. The outcome of WP2 establishes a baseline for the development of the Shared methodology for cross-border multi-risk assessment (WP4) and of the Platform (WP3) that shall operate such methodology. The Shared methodology for cross-border multi-risk assessment will be used as input for Pilot application in cross-border sites at Italy-Slovenia and Austria-Slovenia borders (WP5). The results of the project will be disseminated with publications and reports and also through workshops and trainings with stakeholders in different countries (WP6).

The BORIS concept with its six work packages is shown in the following figure:

BORIS Work package overview

The six BORIS work packages are: