WP1: Project Management

  • D1.1: Project Work plan
  • D1.2: Minutes of the meetings of the Project Management Committee
  • D1.3: First progress report
  • D1.4: Second progress report

WP2: Analysis of the context and needs assessment

  • D2.1: Comparison of NRA – download
  • D2.2: Data availability and needs for large scale and cross-border risk assessment, obstacles and solutions – download

WP3: Platform for Cross-border Risk Assessment

  • D3.1: Architecture of the Platform – download
  • D3.2: Platform for Cross-border Risk Assessment

WP4: Shared methodology for multi-risk assessment

  • D4.1: Guidelines for cross-border risk assessment: Shared framework for single and multi-risk assessment at cross-border sites – download
  • D4.2: State of the art of tools for seismic risk, flood risk and multi-risk assessment – download

WP5: Pilot application in cross-border sites

  • D5.1: Seismic risk, flood risk and multi-risk assessment at pilot cross-border sites
  • D5.2: Consolidated version of the guidelines for cross-border risk assessment

WP6: Dissemination and exploitation of project results

  • D6.1: Website, multimedia and dissemination
  • D6.2: Workshops on multi-risk assessment on cross-border areas – download
  • D6.3: Trainings for the operational usage of the digital platform
  • D6.4: Lessons learned
  • D6.5: Final conference